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PA66 FDY Full drwan yarn

product description


1.Prutex could produce the above specs for SD,FD & BR from 10D to 200D;

2.The above is Prutex reguiar & standard package. Please check with us again before confiming orders.

Advantages PA66 compared with PA6:

l.High tenacity:PA66 can be applied in parachute,military and special field.Thetenacity can reach above 7.0g/d which is20-50% higher than same specification in PA6:

2.Hligh wear-resistant:PA66 is 40-65% higher than same specification in PA6;

3.Highcold-resistant: Under normal temperature.PA66 is more suitable and softerthan PA6; Under low temperature minus 10-30℃,hand-fcel-ing keeps same asnormal temperature.However,PA6 beeome hard and sound.