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1、The Fundamental State of Enterprise Party-building

The party building work of Taihua Company is gradually on the right track under the cordial care and correct leadership of the higher party committee. The company established the party branch in July 2006. Up to now, there are 25 party members in the company, and the management of party members accounts for 52% of the total number of party members.

The Party branch has a branch secretary, and one member of the organization committee and propaganda committee and two party group leaders.

2、The Developing Condition of Party-building

(1)The Aspect of Theory Study

In addition to strictly implementing the "three sessions and one lesson" system, the Taihua Party Branch also makes full use of WeChat and other information platforms to share party members' learning materials and relevant notices and documents issued by the company, and organize party members to seriously study, implement and implement the resolutions of the party committees. The spirit of decisions, rules and regulations, and relevant instructions will continuously improve the party members' awareness of ideas and knowledge, and give full play to the ideological and political work advantages of grassroots party branches.

(2)The Aspect of Practice

The company and the party branch set up an employee satisfaction work team and an organization service staff such as “Intimate Big Sister”.

Satisfaction work group, “intimate big sister” and employees interact with each other, exchange, talk, adopt ideological guidance, work guidance, psychological counseling, etc., face-to-face, heart-to-heart service of grassroots employees, for employees in personal emotions, work Provide psychological counseling services in relation to other aspects, and help employees to invest in work and life with a positive and healthy attitude.

(3)The Aspect of Enterprise Management Synergetic Development

The Taihua Party Branch actively explores continuous innovation, gradually strengthens the role of the party organization, promotes the "red boat spirit", and carries out the work of branch work into production and management, corporate culture, and enhances the competitiveness of enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the important thinking of the "three represents." Enterprise development helps enterprises to solve development problems and promote scientific, healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

The above is the main situation of the party building work of Taihua Company. In short, the party building of an enterprise cannot be separated from the platform of the enterprise, and the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the support of party building. We are fully aware that there is still a big gap in the party building work in accordance with the requirements of the higher party committees. I hope that the leaders of the higher party committees can continue to give support and guidance. In the future work, they will continue to work hard in accordance with the requirements of the higher party committees, and constantly innovate working methods to make the party building. Synergistic development with the management has brought Taiwan's party building work to a new level.

Party member pioneer commitment



Pioneer Commitment

Wang Guoying

General Affairs Department

Awe-inspiring, strictly guarding the bottom line, not forgetting the initial heart

Zhu Chanchan

R & D Center

Based on the post, adhere to the belief, carry forward the craftsman spirit

Ge Runqi

Human Resources Department

Don’t forget the initial heart and the backbone

Pan Jinfen

Dyeing and finishing sales headquarters

Work hard, live an ordinary life, keep a normal heart

Wang Fang

System Management Section

Dutifully,Do your best

Liu Lichao

Central Control Division II Department

Diligent and conscientious, treat people with sincerity

Li Fengping

Accounting Department

High-spirited, down-to-earth

Wang Jing

Dyeing and finishing sales headquarters

Be cautious, be okay

Yu Juanping

Dyeing and finishing sales headquarters

Do things with heart, treat people with sincerity

Xu Shunxing

Energy Department

Serve the people wholeheartedly

Xu Min

Energy Department

Demonstration from time to time, always a pioneer, I take the lead in everything

Deng Qibing

Spinning I Department

Firm belief, down to earth

Chen Dongyang

Dyeing and Finishing Division

Work hard, be honest

Chen Xin

Dyeing second factory

Work hard, unite colleagues, and be qualified Communists

Guo Dazhen

Textiles Department

Learning with humility, doing things practically, doing their due diligence

Qian Shengyou

Purchasing three

Always go with the party and chase the Chinese dream

Ding Zhonghua

Textile mill

Sincere and sincere, love and dedication, dedication

Fei Renxing


Do everything well

Zhou Xuefeng

Common headquarters

Don’t forget to join the party’s initial heart and treat others seriously

Wang Xiaodong

Jiahua Sales Headquarters

Honesty, doing things with heart

Lu Zhiqin

R & D Center

Operating every day with heart

Li Hongliang

Central security department

Do your best and serve you with your heart

Li Fengping

Accounting Department

High-spirited, down-to-earth

Party Group Activities