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A good news of early spring A flying start of the second dyeing stage

Editor:Zhejiang Taihua New Materials Co., Ltd. │ Release Time:2018-03-16 

March 16, 2018, is a special day for Taihua. At 9:08 in the morning, with the firecrackers ringing, the fireworks bloomed and the second phase of the dyeing and finishing was officially put into operation.

The second phase of dyeing and finishing uses low-energy, environmentally friendly, intelligent and advanced production equipment, most of which are the top production equipment in the industry, such as Italy's NODEDA warp dyeing machine; Gao Xun's full-mode airflow dyeing machine; Lixin's setting machine; The company has a smart and efficient ORGATEX central control system, which can connect the second-phase equipment with the system to realize on-site intelligent online monitoring, which plays a great role in the production management of dyeing and finishing.

At present, there are more than 100 employees in the second phase of dyeing and finishing, including many production technology backbones with advanced technology and a complete management team. As of the beginning of April, the dyeing machine has successfully produced about 1.2 million meters of finished fabrics. I believe that under the full management of the leaders, the second phase of dyeing and finishing will be better and better.

(Correspondent: Hu Lihui Editor: Yu Yafei)